About Jeffrey DeArmond

In 2013 Jeffrey started Best Edge SEM, Inc. specializing in medical & healthcare SEO marketing services and website development in Florida. Jeffrey’s track record speaks for itself! His long term partners gladly share their experiences and are the most successful well known and trusted names in Tampa Bay and throughout the world.

If You’re Not Already Using These Free Social Media Tools, Start Now

Social media has become a global phenomenon. From the humble beginnings of AOL Instant Messenger and MySpace, an incredibly sophisticated web of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, Pinterest, and Instagram have formed. Of course, these platforms aren’t just for personal use; businesses regularly capitalize on everything that social media sites have to offer in […]

Using Mobile Marketing to Support Your Small Business

Americans have their fair share of differences, but in today’s society, there is at least one thing that the majority of adults have in common: a reliance on their smart phones. Long gone are the days when phones were attached to the wall and utilized strictly to call another house or business. Instead, sophisticated cell […]

The Best and Easiest Strategies to Boost Your Email Sign Ups

Email is no longer a cutting-edge technology, but it still remains an integral part of our daily communications. Consider how many websites and companies you have subscribed to in order to stay updated with important information and receive deals and discounts. Most people receive exponentially more marketing emails per day than emails from friends, family […]