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In 2013 Jeffrey started Best Edge SEM, Inc. specializing in medical & healthcare SEO marketing services and website development in Florida. Jeffrey’s track record speaks for itself! His long term partners gladly share their experiences and are the most successful well known and trusted names in Tampa Bay and throughout the world.

Yes, Republishing Old Blog Content Can Pay Off

The Pareto principle is a centuries-old concept, but it now has new relevance in today’s business world. Back in 1896, Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto was working at the University of Lausanne and noted an interesting pattern around him. Not only was 80 percent of Italy’s land owned by 20 percent of the population, but 80 […]

Your Marketing Will Sink in Quicksand without This One Thing

What do working relationships, romantic relationships, and marketing all have in common? They require trust to function properly. Just like a marriage cannot thrive when two partners do not trust each other, a business cannot effectively reach their target consumers when their credibility is tarnished or simply not yet developed. Rather than trying to directly […]

With Rich Content, Maximizing Distribution is Key

Creating strong and interesting content is simply the first step in boosting your SEO and extending your company’s online footprint. Rich content that lacks distribution is like a musician’s hit song that never gets recorded; while it is undoubtedly great, it never reaches the eyes and ears of its intended audience to serve its purpose. […]