What’s the Difference between Website Design and Development?

To anybody not in the industry, website design and development sound pretty interchangeable, but they are actually two distinct jobs requiring differing skill sets. It’s important to understand the difference as you seek professional help to bring your business website to its full potential. Website developers are the builders. They use coding (which looks like […]

Tips for Hiring a Web Designer

If you want to make your website stand out, you probably want to hire a web designer. Designing attractive and effective websites is an art in and of itself, and not everyone is gifted in this area. Before you go out and hire a web designer, however, keep some of the following tips in mind. […]

Web Design Trends in the Creative World

You have your business and you want to make it better. You create a website for the Internet viewers. Now you have your website and you have a contact page, an about page, a list of reviews, maybe even some clients. What do you do next? Why not find a local company or someone within […]