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3 Ways to Use Medical Marketing to Spread the Word

March 10th, 2015

Using your blog or Facebook account in conjunction with your Twitter account, you can post notices that others in your industry as well as clients, vendors, patients and customers can find useful and spread the word about important news in the medical field.

Facebook Post with #Twitter

This week, Olympus Corp. of the Americas issued guidelines for hospitals using their duodenoscopes, recommending new methods to clean their equipment.

This was in response to the superbug outbreak in two California medical centers last month.

Add a link to this announcement and using a hashtag with the site’s link can spread the word to other doctors, nurses and medical technicians that might otherwise be overwhelmed with work to have noticed it any other way.

Press Releases with #Twitter

A medical oncologist in Hattiesburg, Mississippi announced in a press release that it was sponsoring a live art auction and shoe to raise funds for the local medical center’s free health screenings.

Posting a quick note such as, “live art auction to support charity #…” with a hashtag to the press release’s link can increase the attendance and raise greater amounts of money.

Don’t stop with just using this for reposting other’s information.

If you hold a fundraiser, you can post it on your blog and Facebook account and add a twitter hashtag in front of the link to get the word to those who might only see your updates weekly.

Blog Article with Facebook backlink and #Twitter

Two separate studies reported by the American Diabetes Association disclosed that in those states where Obamacare Medicaid Expansion was accepted, that diabetes diagnosis have increased 23% compared to 0.4% of newly discovered Medicaid patients in states that are fighting the Medicaid expansion.

This type of information is just too important to the health of hundreds of thousands of people whose only medical insurance is Medicaid and who may be flying under the radar and dying from a disease that is easily treatable.

Using your blog and a notice on your Facebook page with a link for Twitter calls attention to how important it is to diagnose and treat diabetes as early as possible. Besides, this “Obamacare” issue is going to get people discussing it on your social sites.


Jeffrey DeArmond

Jeffrey DeArmond

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