About Jeffrey DeArmond

In 2013 Jeffrey started Best Edge SEM, Inc. specializing in medical & healthcare SEO marketing services and website development in Florida. Jeffrey’s track record speaks for itself! His long term partners gladly share their experiences and are the most successful well known and trusted names in Tampa Bay and throughout the world.

A Quick Guide to Developing a Website that Drives Real Traffic

How long does it take a visitor to determine whether your website is worth their time? Mere seconds. In less time than it takes to say your name aloud, savvy web browsers will decide whether to click through your website or return to Google for another option. You must design your website with the ability […]

The 3 Most Important Mobile Optimization Strategies for Your Website in 2018

The purpose of the Internet has evolved significantly over the past ten years, and as a result the purpose and function of websites have changed as well. Everything now revolves around the user experience (UX). Given that most Internet users keep their smartphones glued to their hands 90 percent of the day, a large portion […]

Use This SEO Checklist for Superior Website Optimization

Why spend the time, money, and effort on having a website if it isn’t fully optimized to represent everything your business has to offer? A high-performance website is the first step to achieving top rankings in search engines, boosting your marketing ROI, and converting even more visitors into returning customers. Step One: Utilize All Avenues […]