About Jeffrey DeArmond

In 2013 Jeffrey started Best Edge SEM, Inc. specializing in medical & healthcare SEO marketing services and website development in Florida. Jeffrey’s track record speaks for itself! His long term partners gladly share their experiences and are the most successful well known and trusted names in Tampa Bay and throughout the world.

Pinterest Marketing: Love It or Leave It?

Pinterest marketing doesn’t maintain as high of a profile as Facebook or Twitter, but it could be the right place for your business to grow. Unlike Facebook, which blends video, visuals, text, profiles, and many other elements into one place, Pinterest is more focused. This specialization makes it a potent platform for marketing if you […]

Is Your Content Marketing Falling Flat? Here’s Why

There’s a reason so many professional companies specialize in content marketing: it’s a fickle thing that requires constant evolution to keep up with the interests of society and the trends of technology. If you feel like your own content marketing is just not doing what it should, one of these reasons could be the culprit. […]

The Secrets to Building a Slam Dunk Medical Website

As the director of a medical practice, you are in a very unique position when it comes to developing your website. Your career is dedicated to helping patients and saving lives, but in order to garner the Internet attention necessary for a profitable business, you need to translate critical medical responsibilities into content that is […]