The Importance of Medical SEO

The Internet has transformed the world into an era of instant information. In only two clicks any person can type in symptoms and be provided with the most plausible medical explanations. Gone are the days of scheduling a doctor’s appointment just to gain information. It is crucial that your medical practice or healthcare professional establish […]

Online Medical Internet Marketing is Essential for Future Business

Medical internet marketing and SEO web design and development is becoming even more necessary for the ongoing success of a medical practice. This is because clients are no longer speaking with each other as neighbors, passing on the word about their last doctor visit over the backyard fence. Local social networks that individuals keep will determine […]

How Medical Internet Marketing is Making Waves

The Internet has been booming since the 1990s, and now 20 years later, it is time that we as individuals promote our businesses and ourselves. The medical industry is finding ways to market to younger audiences by creating web pages, using social media, and aspiring to be more relatable in the online experience. There is […]