Going Viral: 7 Great Tips for Viral Marketing

If you own a business you may be wondering if it is worth the effort to go viral, and, if so, how to do actually do this. Here are 7 Tips to get you started. Going viral means your content is being shared across many platforms. For this to happen, you need make sure your […]

Your Reputation is Part of Medical Marketing

Your online reputation is the most important factor affecting your success whether you are a hospital, doctor, clinic or pharmacy. It is also the one component of your business that differentiates your superiority over your competitors. If you are the typical business person, you know that you have had some employees’ that did not like […]

3 Ways to Use Medical Marketing to Spread the Word

Using your blog or Facebook account in conjunction with your Twitter account, you can post notices that others in your industry as well as clients, vendors, patients and customers can find useful and spread the word about important news in the medical field. Facebook Post with #Twitter This week, Olympus Corp. of the Americas issued […]