Pinterest Marketing: Love It or Leave It?

Pinterest marketing doesn’t maintain as high of a profile as Facebook or Twitter, but it could be the right place for your business to grow. Unlike Facebook, which blends video, visuals, text, profiles, and many other elements into one place, Pinterest is more focused. This specialization makes it a potent platform for marketing if you […]

Tricks of the Trade to Boost Organic Facebook Reach

Any business owner knows that Facebook is an invaluable tool for connecting with local communities and larger demographics alike, but the mega social media platform doesn’t always make it easy for businesses to succeed. Once Facebook realized the incredible potential for capitalizing on the desires of businesses to market on their site, they started charging […]

The Future of Facebook

Think about the term “video” just 20 years ago. Are you picturing the enormous VHS tapes that are now stored somewhere in the dark depths of your basement? Or what about “video” only ten years ago, when the DVD deemed VHS irrelevant? Today, smartphones and social media have worked together to create an entirely new […]