Remember These Effective Social Media Marketing Tactics

The digital age has revolutionized marketing strategies away from phone books and TV ads to targeted online methods that require a multitude of new and exciting skills. You must utilize this technology in order to drive sales and hold your customer’s attention. Social media is an exceptionally powerful tool for online marketing when done correctly. […]

The Basics of Social Media Marketing

Twenty years ago a company’s advertising strategies were based entirely on print, radio, and television ads, with the hope that word of mouth would help instead of hurt. Today, however, social media is an inseparable element of marketing and brand recognition. The technological tools available are simply mind blowing, and the potential to steer your business […]

Successfully Using Social Media

Most businesses understand that they need to incorporate social media into their marketing strategy. Many also know that keeping up with all of the latest social media changes can be challenging. Here are some ideas to help you with both of these issues. Concentrate on Specific Platforms Some people call it social media overload, and […]