An Introduction to the Call to Action Button

If you ever took a public speaking class in high school or college, you will remember your teacher requiring a call to action at the end of each speech in order to inspire your listeners. The Internet has largely replaced verbal persuasion with visual persuasion, meaning that your call of action now must be effectively […]

Website Design Tips You Don’t Want to Miss

The design of your website can make or break your customer’s experience and likelihood of returning for business. Gone are the days of flashing banners and in-your-face-colors. Today’s websites are expected to be sleek, user-friendly, and compatible to the multiple types of devices potentially connected for use. Remember these simple design tips when you work […]

What’s the Difference between Website Design and Development?

To anybody not in the industry, website design and development sound pretty interchangeable, but they are actually two distinct jobs requiring differing skill sets. It’s important to understand the difference as you seek professional help to bring your business website to its full potential. Website developers are the builders. They use coding (which looks like […]