Your Guide to Multi-Location Marketing

Owning and managing a business with one sole location is a large enough challenge, but delving into a multi-location business or a franchised company generates many unique obstacles and requirements. Before you dive into a multi-location endeavor, use all of the tools at your disposal to prepare correctly and arrange your marketing to help you […]

Is Pokemon GO the Newest Unlikely Marketing Tool for Retailers?

If you haven’t heard of Pokemon GO by now, you’ve probably been walking around with a blindfold around your eyes and plugs in your ears. Despite only launching in five countries, Pokemon GO rapidly established a cult-like following from young and old iPhone and Android users alike. After just seven days, more than 64 million […]

Optimizing Your Online Presence

Here is a basic tenet of business: if you have an online business presence, you need traffic to your site. There is simply no way to grow your business if people are not coming to your online store or office. This is where search engines come into play, as they are the best way to […]