Medical Marketing Techniques to Increase Conversion Rates

Since Google has been able to intuitively separate local searches for business, whether someone is doing a search on a mobile device or from a desktop computer, the zip code location of the query automatically brings up responses for that area first in the search response. Of all the various methods, tools and updates that […]

Is Your Medical Website Mobile Responsive?

A responsive website will adapt to any device that the patient may be searching from. What this means is that if you have a patient that is searching for your website from their iPad, they will have the same experience as someone who is searching from their laptop. In order to be responsive your website […]

Effective Website Marketing with SEO

Making your website visible to the intended audience these days is a job all its own. It’s not as simple as posting to social media or telling friends and family to spread the word. There is a lot of having to deal with utilizing keywords that search engines will pick up from individual webpages to […]