Search Engine Optimization

There are many different moving parts in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). A well coordinated SEO campaign can help you quickly rise through the search engine rankings, bringing you a waterfall of new visitors. Yet if you miss just one component of the SEO puzzle, the whole thing can fall apart.

Best Edge SEM has years of experience in planning and executing complex SEO campaigns. We can help you manage every aspect of your SEO campaign, from code to link-building to content. Here are some of the core SEO services we offer.

Overall SEO Strategy

We’ll work with you to come up with a strong SEO strategy. We’ll map out all the different steps that need to take place to help boost your rankings. We’ll create a timetable for those steps, then work together on the execution.

On-Page SEO

We’ll help you optimize your website’s on-page ranking factors. These include your keyword tags, your content, your internal linking structure and more.

100% Whitehat Link Building

Ever since the Panda and Penguin updates, blackhat SEO is all but dead. To boost rankings in today’s web climate, you need genuine backlinks from authority sources. That’s why we use only 100% whitehat linkbuilding strategies.

We’ll use our existing business contacts to get you links from real businesses in your industry. We’ll also reach out to other companies and websites and entice them to link back to you. The whole process is handled by our team, so you never need to make a single phone call.

All Around Brand Strategy

We’ll help you position your website so it’s the #1 brand in your industry. We’ll help you develop your branding materials, like your logo and your slogan, so it truly represents your brand. In the long run, your brand is an essential part of your SEO strategy.

Clean W3C-Compliant Code

Malformed code makes it harder for search spiders to read your website. It can cause pages to not get listed in the search engines. Clean code speeds up load time, which also helps your rankings. It also helps your site load faster on mobile devices.

Streamlined Website Tags

We’ll help you optimize your HTML tags on your website. We’ll help you craft the perfect title, meta description, h1/h2 and image alt tags. We can also help you implement other tags, like tags, OpenGraph tags or Google authorship tags.

A High Quality Blog

We can help you setup and run a high quality blog. We’ll handle everything from setting up your blog to regular updates. We can integrate your blog into the rest of your marketing strategy. We can incorporate Facebook, Twitter and social media marketing into your blogging strategy.

Magazine Quality Content

Our pro team of writers are at your beck and call. We can craft magazine quality content on just about any topic. We’ll handle all the research on our end. All you need to do is supply the topic or focus and we’ll handle the rest.

Content is one of the most important pieces of any website. Instead of spending weeks looking for quality writers, we’ve done most of the hard work for you. We’re extremely stringent in who we hire, so you know you’re getting the best of the best when you work with us.

On page SEO

On page search engine optimization is a big part of the SEO equation. While having good on page SEO alone won’t help you get high rankings, not having good on-page SEO will certainly prevent you from getting ranked. What Google looks for on websites can change quite quickly. Fortunately, Best Edge SEM is here to handle all of that for you.

Here’s what our on page SEO services covers.

Keyword Targeting and Selection

The first step in the on page SEO process is selecting the right keywords. We’ll help you pick the right keywords to target for maximum traffic in minimum time.

Clean Code

Having clean, syntax error free code is crucial for SEO. Having syntax errors or malformed code tells search engine spiders that your website isn’t setup professionally. That in turn hurts your rankings. Our team can check your code for W3C compliance and rewrite any code that’s generating errors.

Title, Header and Image Tags

Tags are what lets search engine spiders know what words you consider important. Your title tag is the most important tag, followed by your h1 and h2 tags. Image alt tags and other keyword tags also play a role. Our team can help optimize the various tags on all your pages for the best SEO results.

Optimizing Web Content

Another important part of on page SEO is having well optimized content. It’s not enough to just write user-friendly content. The content need to be search engine friendly as well. Often time’s all it takes is a few simple tweaks to give the content a nice ranking boost. and Other Emerging Trends

Search engines regularly change what they look for on a website. For example, was announced not too long ago. It’s a system that lets webmasters “tag” different types of content to let search engines know what it is. For example, you can “tag” a video and let Google know that it’s a video of you speaking.

This is just one example of changing on page SEO. HTML 5 and other emerging technologies will likely bring even more changes. Instead of trying to track all these changes yourself, it’s far more efficient to let our star team handle it for you.

Clean Code

Having good, clean code will make your website run faster, rank higher and make future development much easier. Clean code is something many developers skip over, only to regret it later down the line. At Best Edge SEM, we implement meticulous clean code practices with all of our clients.

What does clean code mean and why is it important? Let’s take a look.

W3C Compliant

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) puts out a set of guidelines that websites should adhere to. These guidelines help webmasters publish code that has no errors and no conflicts. It’s code that’s easy for search engines to read.

All the code written by Best Edge SEM will be W3C compliant. We run multiple markup language checks on our code before pushing it live.

Clean Code Means Faster Load Times

Faster load times means higher conversion rates and better search engine rankings. Convoluted code can cause delays and hang ups on load times both on the server side and on the browser side. We’ll help clean up your code so load time is as streamlined as possible.

Friendly for Search Engine Spiders

Remember that search engine spiders don’t actually “see” web pages. They look at your code and “extract” the meaning of the page. If your code is malformed or has syntax errors, you make it a lot harder for robots to read. That in turn means lower rankings, or having some of your pages not listed at all.

Clean Code is Easier to Work With

Clean code is easier for other developers to work with. Some developers write code in a way that only they can understand. That’s not how we work. Every piece of code we write is designed to be easily understood by any developer.

Mobile Friendly

Having clean code is easier on mobile devices. Mobile devices want to save bandwidth and having streamlined code helps them load faster. You’re also less likely to cause device hang-ups and browser crashes by having clean code.

Website Tags

Your website tags are how your website talks to Google. Google can’t look at a web page and “figure out” what a page is about the way a human can. Instead, Google uses tags to tell it what’s important and what’s not. Having good website tags is absolutely essential for rankings.

Here are some of the core tags Best Edge SEM handles whenever we build web pages.

The Title Tag

Your title tag is the most important tag on your website. Google weighs tags in this tag more strongly than any other tag. We’ll help you craft the idea title tag for both search engine rankings and catching human attention.

The H1 and H2 Tag

Next to the title tag are the H1 and H2 tags. Google views any text tagged with H1 and H2 as more important than the rest of the text on the page. Optimizing two tags will help you get ranked for the keywords you’re targeting.

Image Alt Tags

Image alt tags are like text descriptions of your images. Since Google can’t “read” images, it relies on image alt tags to decipher graphics. While tagging these images can be time consuming, it’s well worth the effort in the end.

Meta Description Tags

Your meta description tag determines what shows up under your title in the search rankings. While it won’t help you boost your actual rank, it’ll help you get more clicks from people who see your site in the search engines. That’s what’s important after all – getting real traffic.

Other Tags We Can Help With

We can also help you optimize your Google authorship tags. This lets you “claim” your content as yours so nobody can plagiarize it. You can also get an image of you, the author, to show up in the search rankings.

We can help you tag OpenGraph tags. These tags let you choose what the pictures and descriptions that show up in Facebook’s preview box whenever someone shares your page.

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