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Home run web design isn’t just about having good designers. It’s about having a design team that can bring your brand to life. At the core of any good design project is the client’s vision. Your designers need to clearly understand and come to share your vision. Then and only then can they turn your vision into reality.

That’s why medical clients like Doctors Express, RedBamboo Medi-Spa and Bradenton Heart Center choose to work with Best Edge SEM. While other designers ‘try’ to create good looking designs, few can really make a brand come to life. Few can help make your website an extension of your business.

Designed from Scratch, By an All Star Team

Our entire team is local. There’s no online outsourcing here. You can meet and shake hands with real people who are working on your project. Everything is built from scratch, to your specifications on a content management system.

We design everything and anything. From your logo to your site’s banners, from email templates to CSS style-sheets, we do it all. These are some of our primary web design services. Don’t hesitate to contact us for special requests!

Mobile Web Design. We can design separate mobile friendly websites, as well as build a responsive primary website that “adapts” to different screen sizes. Mobile websites can include mobile-only technology, including maps integration, GPS location targeting and mobile ads.

Logo Design. Our team will work with you to distill your business into a core idea, emotion or vision. We’ll then turn that vision into a logo that encompasses what your brand stands for. We’ll create several first drafts for you to choose from, then refine the one that resonates the most with you.

Headers & Banners. We can build headers or banners in any style or size. Whether you’re looking for a stellar looking header to make your site pop or an eye-catching ad to generate clicks, we can help.

Custom Design. We take design requests of all sorts. Looking for artwork for your podcast? Need a cover for your eBook? Want to update your website so it “feels” more Web 2.0? We can help. Just send us an email or give us a call!

Local Web Design: Communication is King

Design is both an art and a science. A lot of communication gets lost when you hire online. Being able to look at a designer’s first draft in person, then offer feedback, is simply invaluable.

At Best Edge SEM, we believe in having a strong line of communication with all our clients. If you’re in the Tampa area, we’ll meet with you in person at least once a month to discuss your project. You’ll get to see the progress we’re making, as well as make suggestions face to face.

National & International Web Design

Even when working with international clients, our philosophy still stands. We’ll meet with you regularly and only start working on your designs once we feel confident that we’re all on the same page.

Finally, what sets Best Edge SEM apart is our commitment to the quality of your design. While other designers might treat each project as “just a project,” we take real pride in our work. We won’t stop until you’re completely satisfied. So why not give us a call and see how we can help you turn your vision into reality?

Custom Design

Have a custom or unusual job? You’ve come to the right place. Many designers are only able to work on “traditional” projects, on things they’ve done in the past. Best Edge SEM works differently. Our team can rise to any creative challenge, no matter how unusual the project.

Unusual Sizes and Specifications

Need a unique favicon developed for your website? Favicons are the little icons in the corner of the browser when your website is open. Though it’s just a few pixels wide, it can make a big difference on how people perceive your website. We can work with you to create the perfect impression, even if the dimensions are tiny.

The opposite is also true. We can work on extremely large scale designs. For example, you might want to map out how the design changes over the course of several hundred pages on one website. Different categories on the site might have different looking designs. Our team of professionals can make a big project seem like a piece of cake.

Designs for Social Media

Social media has become a crucial part of any online marketing plan. Both small local businesses and multi-billion dollar corporations are now using social media. For good reason too: in 2013, Facebook now sports over 1.1 billion users. People are spending more and more time on sites like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook every day.

If you’re marketing on social media, having good design is essential. Your Facebook cover image should match your website’s brand. Your Twitter background should be distinctive and memorable. Your LinkedIn profile image should be professional and inspire credibility.

Our team can help you create the perfect images for your web presence.

Other Unique Projects …

Our team handles projects of any kind. We can work with animated graphics, flash websites, interactive marketing campaigns and more. Have questions? Just give us a call to see what we can do for you!

– eBook covers, anything

– One off or recurring projects

– Offline materials

– Email newsletter images

Mobile Web Design

Mobile internet usage is poised to overtake desktop internet usage in the next 2 years. Between the first quarter of 2012 and 2013, web traffic went from 11% mobile to 21% mobile. Mobile usage is becoming more and more prevalent in every part of the country. If your business isn’t setup to work on mobile devices, you’re going to get left behind.

Fortunately, Best Edge SEM can help. We’ve specialized in building mobile websites that customers love since 2009.

What sets our designs apart?

Easy to Use on Mobile Devices

We draw on both our personal experience, as well as hundreds of tests conducted by user interface (UI) specialists. For example, we know just how big buttons should be, so they’re easy to click with a finger. We know how many items can be placed on one page and how much text can be comfortably fit on one screen before it feels crowded.

Visually Appealing

Designing for mobile devices is quite different than designing for traditional websites. For example, large elaborate banners might work well on traditional websites, but they take up far too much space on a mobile device. They don’t make the same impact.

We’ll help you translate your vision and your existing designs to mobile devices. You can make just as powerful of an impact on mobile devices. The design style just has to be adjusted.

Works on a Variety of Devices

Our designs are built to work on a variety of devices. Today, we’re seeing all kinds of screen sizes that weren’t around just a few years ago. We have iPhones, Androids, iPads, Kindle Fires, iPad Minis and many other devices, all of them with different screen sizes.

When we build a mobile site, we design it to look good on all devices. We test our designs on a wide range of different screen sizes and different interfaces to make sure it looks spectacular no matter what the device is.

This is just some of the many reasons why clients choose Best Edge SEM for their mobile design. To see what we can do with your mobile website, contact us today for a free quote on your exact needs.


Your logo is your brand distilled down. It’s a visual cue that triggers everything that your brand stands for. It’s the most impactful graphic in all of your marketing. Long after people forget what your websites, flyers or storefronts look like, they’ll remember your logo. Having a well designed logo is absolutely essential for long term success.

What goes into building a logo that a brand can be built on?

Your Logo Should Be Memorable

Think of the Coca-Cola logo. Now think of the Nike logo. Now think of the Apple logo. Each of these are very different companies, yet at a moment’s notice anyone can instantly remember what that logo looks like.

Great logos are memorable. They stay in people’s memories for decades.

Your Logo Should Be Simple

The Apple logo is nothing more than an apple with a bite taken out. Coca-Cola is just a word written in cursive font. Nike’s logo is a checkmark.

A good logo is simple. It’s distinctive and memorable, but it’s simple.

Your Logo Should Carry Emotional Punch

One of the logo’s core jobs is to carry emotional associations. For example, a cereal’s logo is designed to carry joy, fun and exuberance. A law firm’s logo is designed to carry power and respect. Prada’s logo is designed to carry elegance and style.

Your logo should be designed to carry your brand’s emotional flavor. Before we start designing, we’ll sit with you to get a strong sense for what kind of style you’re going for. The logos we build will incorporate that design sense.

Try Several Ideas Before Choosing One

Our logo design process begins with our designers doing several rough drafts or sketches. We’ll lay out several completely different ideas for you to choose from. We’ll then work with you to continually refine the design until it’s a perfect representation of your brand.

Headers & Banners

Want to catch attention, build a strong brand and have an amazing looking website? Then having good headers and good banners is essential. Your header takes up more real estate on your website than any other graphic. It colors everything else on your site. Banner ads are the most common type of ad inventory on the internet. Having good banners is often the difference between success and failure in any online media buy.

Our Header Design Services

The header image sets the tone for your whole website. A professional looking header image can make a dull website come alive. Conversely, a poorly designed header can ruin an otherwise great looking website.

The header should make good use of both active space and negative space. The goal is to create a strong impression, without crowding your website. Some of the most effective banners are also the simplest banners.

That said, our team also loves the creative challenge of building complex, unique or dazzling banners. Whether you’re going for a simple style or an elaborate style, we can help.

Our Banner Design Services

Banner design is a bit different than header design. While headers just need to look good, banners need to look good and perform. They’re designed to be used in ads. Those ads can be designed to leave a lasting impression, or they can be designed to generate clicks and sales.

Our team is experienced in creating both. We can build banners for sophisticated branding campaigns, as well as banners for goal oriented, response-driven campaigns. Our staff can help in both the media planning phase and the design phase. We can work with provided copy, or you can have our team’s copywriters handle the copy for you.

Ready to get started? Just give us a call or send us an email to see how we can help create the perfect banners for your site or campaign.

Local Web Design

The best way to make sure your website comes out exactly the way you want it is to work with a local web design firm. We believe that the best way to coordinate and collaborate on projects is through synergy. The best way to develop synergy is to look someone in the eyes, shake their hands and really work together on the project. That only works when the project is done in person.

Monthly Progress and Planning Meetings

Best Edge SEM has a monthly meeting policy. Yes, we have an easy to use online reporting system. Yet that’s not enough. We believe that the best way for us to work together is for you to be regularly kept in the loop on your project. That’s why we meet in person with all our clients at least once a month.

In our meeting, we’ll give you a status update on how your project is going, as well as get your feedback on any new design elements. You’ll get to ask any questions you have about the project. We can then set goals, next steps and milestones together.

Leverage Our Tampa-Based Connections

One of the big advantages to working with a local firm is connections. We have connections with all kinds of businesses in the Tampa bay area.

Need backlinks to boost your search engine rankings? We have dozens of connections who’re more than happy to help. Want to run a promotion with similar businesses in your area? We can help you get in touch with all the right people.

Though we run a company that creates online websites, we value and cultivate a very strong offline network. As our client, you can tap directly into that network.


Who do Fortune 500 companies like Home Depot, SEARS and Walgreens call when they need web design? It’s Best Edge SEM that’s on their speed dial.

Why? It’s simple: we understand what it takes to succeed on a national level. Building a website that can appeal to a large audience takes finesse. It’s also one of our biggest strengths.

A Deep Understanding of National Campaigns

Looking to do a multi-pronged media buy? Need to integrate your website with offline branding channels? Need to architect a server infrastructure that can handle millions of visitors?

Whatever your needs are, we can help. We have experience helping both fresh startups and multi-billion dollar companies build outstanding national websites.

A 100% Transparent Reporting Interface

Want to know how many visitors you’re getting? How long they’re staying on your site? Where they’re coming from? Our easy to use reporting system can show you all that and more.

Our system will also show you where your project is in the development process. You can make suggestions on the fly. We believe your project’s success comes from us having a strong line of communication.

Zero Outsourcing, All Top Talent

Many design firms outsource part of their work to contractors overseas. While this lets them save on costs, it lowers overall quality. At Best Edge SEM, we work differently. Every piece of your project is done in house, by a carefully curated team of world class designers.

We Accept Projects of All Sizes!

We have clients who just need a simple 10-page website. We also have clients who have over 5,000 pages of content. Some clients are happy with an “off the shelf” software solution, while others want brand new platforms built from scratch.

No matter what kind of website you need, we can help. There’s a reason why Fortune 500 companies rely on us for their web design.

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